All apps are not created equal.

We consider each app we craft, a work of art. Our core focus is in building premium mobile applications that offer users a seamless experience that just works.

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Some key things that define our work.

Every project we take on means the world to us. And that's how we treat it. Our partners are core to what we do. Without them, we would never get a chance to create the amazing experiences we are so proud to show off.

Tight Bond.

It's important for us to listen to every idea and dream our partners express, then we take our collective knowledge and craft the perfect experience.

Excellence of service.

Over the last 3 years we have established amazing long-term partnerships with companies from the UK, USA, Germany and other EU countries.

From Slovenia.

We call the city of Ljubljana our home. It's full of culture, history, and good food. We believe work/life balance is core to maintaining our commitment.


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eAsistent is the official tool used in Slovenian primary and high schools that helps you monitor your child’s progress so they stay on the right path and successfully complete school.


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GardenTags is a community of gardeners from budding novices to expert botanists and everyone in-between. The app alows you to keep track of your plants and garden in a fun and simple way.


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Wandera provides your company with the ability to manage and optimize mobile data across its entire fleet of mobile devices, keeping costs in check and preserving the data pool while eliminating bill shock and high roaming charges.