Come in, and meet the team.

The people that make our team work are invaluable to us. That's why we offer them the best conditions to nurture their creativity and focus.

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A few key reasons why we stand out from the crowd.

Every project we take on means the world to us. And that's how we treat it. Our partners are core to what we do. Without them, we would never get a chance to create the amazing experiences we are so proud to show off.

We believe in mobile!

We're spending more and more time with our mobile devices. And we believe that the web and mobile have the radio/TV problem all over again. That's why we craft premium mobile experiences that are sure to give our partners the experience they deserve.

We are specialists!

We are native specialists, if that's even a term. We craft beautiful native experiences that give our partners insight into how their users interact with them with tracking important metrics and KPI's. Track what's important, now.

We have what you need!

We work like a plug-in mobile team that you need and deserve. We listen closely and build amazing products form scratch with scalability and the future in mind. We are also really good at rescuing your late timelines with our speed.

Quality over quantity!

Our apps are tailor made and fine tuned. We have a rule of 100% transparency, that way our partners get an inside peek inside the process. We also really like to keep things simple and real. That's the only way your users will get the best experience.

We, the people.

Meet the people that make up our team.

Andrej Slapnik


Lead by example, right?. I try and keep the conditions right for everyone to feel at their best and make sure things run smoothly. Big SciFi nut and healthy guy. Did someone say good food?

Gašper Cvenkel

Head of Product Development

Head of product here at Kamino. I get paid to keep my eye out for the details and make sure mistakes are down to a minimum. In my spare time I change diapers and sleep. #noTimeForHobbies

Blaž Šolar

Head of Android Development

I make Android apps. Usually when I write a bug we turn it into a feature. iClimb, iCycle, and always ask myself what would Steve do. Big Apple fan -even though I make Android apps.

Matic Oblak

Head of iOS Development

iOS guru, #humblebrag. Next to all the typical dev stuff like gaming and Netflix I can also make a mean lasagna and love to climb tall mountains*. *read: hike medium sized hills

Andrej Rolih

iOS Developer

iOS developer extraordinaire. I turn ideas into reality, even the hard ones. I love to hack on hardware projects. Most people think I'm weird, that's why I bake cookies.

Svit Zebec

iOS Developer

I bring iOS apps to life and sometimes when the backend engineers are too stressed out I jump in and save the day. On weekends I play games and make freaking BANANA FLAMBÉ!

Nejc Šimnic

Android Developer

Android developer and kitesurfer. Didn't expect that did you? I love spending my free time outdoors as much as I can. Being indoors is fine too, sometimes. Maybe. Not really.

Tine Mislej

Android Developer

Android engineer with a knack for the latest and greatest best practices and tech. When I'm offline I take my flyfishing rod or go on a hike. Sometimes I code in the forest.

Denis Korinšek

Android Developer

Android developer and code dreamer. I'm new around here and love it! I like to fish for Carp and capture moments with my camera. I also do Krav Maga, don't steal my doughnuts.

Peter Korosec

iOS Developer

I design and build iOS apps here at Kamino. I usually spend my free time doing martial arts, when I don't feel like throwing down people I love a good movie or game!

Zan Ilic

Creative Director

Pixel maker and minimalist. I make our apps look good, and solve problems between humans and apps. I'm also recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.

Lou the dog

Food lover

Lou sleeps alot, he has no idea what we do here at Kamino. Oh and he likes walks and food, because he's a dog...