Our latest work.

We really loved building all of these, each partner we choose here was a special experience and we take pride in signing our name under these apps.

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Ever wish you had an assistant who would advise you on how to effectively communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, partners, bosses and customers?


is the official tool used in Slovenian primary and high schools that helps you monitor your child’s progress so they stay on the right path and successfully complete school.


the best way to control your heating device from anywhere at any time.


GardenTags is a community of gardeners from budding novices to expert botanists and everyone in-between.


is a must-have app for storing your private moments and other sensitive data that you don't want others to see.


created a connected stretch mat and an app that provides a more effective way to relax and offers an enriched “me-time” experience.

Focus Health.

it combines traditional and virtual contact between doctor and patient to make the best medical care available to every patient quickly and easily.


aims to combine easy-peasy salon booking with sexy pics of salons and of your do’s, giving all rock chicks and cool dudes the definitive app for all their grooming bookings.


Scantron is the next generation intercom and smart door interface in the palm of your hand.


Provides a way for your company to keep mobile data cost in check, across its entire fleet of mobile devices. In sense eliminating bill shock and high roaming charges.